“Iterations” – Nolos, Spring 2018 Issue, Aurora University

“Summer’s End” – Blackwick Writers Guild, Fall 2018 Issue

“Breath of Life” – The New Accelerator

“The Stars Call” – Corvus ReviewFall/Winter 2018 Issue

“Solstice”Tell-Tale Press, Winter 2018 Issue


“The Rebirthed” – Blackwick Writers Guild, Winter 2019 Issue

“Ages of Man”Underbelly Magazine

“Temporal Affairs” – Prismatica Magazine

“Scavenger” – Bedlam Publishing

“To Walk the Stars” – Brave Voices magazine

“Child of Night” Exoplanet Magazine

“Ashes to Dust” – Voices of Imagination


“From the Ashes” – Prismatica Magazine

“Summer’s End” – Reprint appearing in Beneath Strange Stars from TL;DR Press

“In Perpetuity” – Occult Detectives Quarterly, Issue 6

“Sanctuary” – Kyanite Press

“Ages of Man” – Adapted for podcast by Pseudopod

“Like A Bird From The Sky” – StarShipSofa podcast

“The Edge of Eternity” – Collective Realms, May 2020 issue

-You can also purchase a physical copy of Collective Realms here.

“Under the Valley of Stars”Queers Who Don’t Quit anthology

“The Edge of the World” – From the Farther Trees, August 2020

“Halfway Through the Dark” – Luna Station Quarterly

Coming Soon:

“Time’s Bandit” – Geek Out II! Anthology

“The In-Between Years” – SinCyr Publishing’s Book It! A Literary Lover’s Anthology

“The Invisible Ones” – All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue 6

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