First stories of 2020!

3 short stories of mine are now available from the following publications:

“From the Ashes” – Prismatica Magazine

“Summer’s End” – Reprint appearing in Beneath Strange Stars from TL;DR Press

“Time’s Bandit” – Geek Out II! Anthology

A Retraction

It has come to my attention that the Editor-in-Chief at a magazine that I am published with, A Million And One Magazine, has made several transphobic comments on Twitter in the past few days. Some of those remarks can be found here.  As a result, I have pulled the 3 stories that I had published with this magazine: “From the Ashes”, “Mortal Coil”, and “Mirage”. I have left these stories up on my Publications page, but the links for them have been removed and they are no longer available online. I will be seeking new homes for them, but in the meantime, I wanted to be transparent about what happened to those stories.

Thank you.

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